Students admitted to this program will start taking graduate level classes during their senior year. These classes are above and beyond what is required for the bachelor’s degree. In other words, the graduate courses cannot be double-counted for both the BS and the MPH. For this reason, students interested in this program should begin planning early to ensure that they have sufficient room in their schedules to accommodate the 12 graduate credits in senior year.

Undergraduate students will be required to work closely with their undergraduate college advisers and SPH graduate level advisers to plan their schedules to make sure that the coursework required for the bachelor’s degree and MPH is completed at the appropriate time.

Sample Plan of Study

Senior Year/Year 4 Fall Semester

  • PubH 6700 Foundations of Public Health (3 cr)
  • PubH 6103 Exposure to Environmental Hazards (2 cr)
  • PubH 6104 Environmental Health Effects: Introduction to Toxicology (2 cr)
  • Undergraduate courses required to fulfill the bachelor’s degree requirements

Senior Year/Year 4 Spring Semester

  • PubH 6105 Environmental and Occupational Health Policy (2 cr)
  • PubH 6112 Environmental Health Risk Assessment: Application to Human Health Risks from Exposure to Chemicals (2 cr)
  • PubH 6XXX Careers in Environmental Health (1 cr)
  • Undergraduate courses required to fulfill the bachelor’s degree requirements

Summer between Years 4 and 5

  • PubH 7196 Field Experience in Environmental Health (3 cr)

Year 5

  • *PubH 6181 Surveillance of Foodborne Diseases and Food Safety Hazards (2 cr) (fall semester)
  • PubH 6020 Social and Behavioral Science (3 cr)
  • PubH 6320 Fundamentals of Epidemiology (3 cr)
  • PubH 6414 Biostatistical Literacy (3 cr)
  • PubH 6741 Ethics in Public Health Research and Policy (1 cr)
  • PubH 6751 Principles of Management in Health Services Organizations (2 cr)\
  • PubH 6XXX Culminating Experience Course (3 cr)
  • Electives (10 credits)

*Please note that except for PubH 6181, which is offered fall semester, and PubH 6XXX Culminating Experience Course, which is offered spring semester, the other courses listed under Year 5 are offered both spring and fall semester, and are also offered online, including during the summer. Students will also have the option of taking online courses during the summer when they are completing the field experience.

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