Students are admitted in cohorts that progress through the program together. Students must complete 14 credits to be awarded the certificate; 12 or more credits are awarded through completion of five online courses.

Agenda & Courses (all PubH XXXX)

Students participate in the January on-campus sessions in August and May and complete a two-credit face-to-face course during the first on-campus session.

  • January: Eight days on campus
  • Spring Semester: Three courses
  • Summer Session: Two courses

6565 (2 cr) Health care Delivery, Design & Innovation (Zismer)
Welcome dinner, panels and speakers, intro to five courses

 Spring Semester
6556 (2 cr) Health & Health Systems (Christianson)
6535 (3 cr) Accounting for Health Services (TBD)
6751 (2 cr) Principles of Management in Health Services Organizations (Begun)

Summer Session
6557 (3 cr) Health Finance I (TBD)
6568 (2 cr) Interdisciplinary Teamwork in Health care Services (Mosser)


Students in the certificate are expected to master basic skills in management, teamwork, accounting and financial analysis in health care organizations. For clinical professionals and others working in the health care industry, these skills are critical to the development of their careers and to their mobility within the organization and the field. Specific outcomes expected to accrue to those who complete the certificate include:

  • Enhanced ability to lead work teams or departments.
  • Expanded ability to make decisions about the most efficient use of resources.
  • Improved teambuilding abilities.
  • Better grasp of policy and other system-wide perspectives, and accompanying ability to better participate in strategic decision-making in the organization.
  • Deeper understanding of the role of management and of other professionals in health care organizations.
  • Larger conceptual framework on which to base learning and other developmental activities in the future.

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