Molecular and Systems Toxicology (PhD)

This transdisciplinary program emphasizes a new perspective on the study of how humans, as complex heterogeneous biological systems, respond and adapt to their environment. Such study is required to understand the role of the environment in disease, and to shape future technologies and policies for monitoring and protecting human health.

Apply your basic science skills to solving current issues involved in the prevention of disease. The emphasis of the program will be toxicology as systems biology with a focus on mechanisms of toxicant-caused diseases. We view toxicants in the broadest possible definition, as spanning from drugs to environmental agents.

Why Minnesota?

  • Fast-track to research: Rapid transition from coursework to conducting full-time research.
  • Top-notch facilities: Take advantage of our state-of-the-art laboratories.
  • Located in a research university: You can access the vast intellectual and technical resources available at the University of Minnesota, a collaborative and interdisciplinary research environment.
  • Dynamic community: The Twin Cities is home to an unusually rich community of toxicologists who can provide professional mentorship, introductions to a wide variety of career options, and information about the changing needs for research in and applications of toxicology.

Application Deadline

Scholarship Consideration Deadline: December 1
Final Deadline: June 15

lab people
The diverse backgrounds of the faculty and the flexibility of the coursework offered allowed me to tailor my studies to my interests, all while providing me with the solid foundation in toxicology that I needed to succeed in my current position. –Ania Urban, PhD, MPH, Senior Health Scientist at Cardno ChemRisk

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Program Coordinator
Khosi Nkosi

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