Graduate Assistantships

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Finding a Graduate Assistantship

  • Create a resume that is easily read by someone in 15 seconds. See Resume Tipsheets for tips and an example.
  • Be pro-active: students must find their own assistantship positions.
    • Contact SPH (and other) professors who are conducting research on topics that intrigue you and ask if they need help. Send them an email with your resume attached or go to their classrooms or offices and introduce yourself.
    • Learn about current SPH research projects.
    • Each faculty member has a web page with information about his / her academic background, courses taught, research projects, and recent publications. Get familiar with those of interest.
    • Departmental newsletters and email messages may also have job announcements.
    • Speak to your academic adviser and major coordinator about possible opportunities.
    • Talk to students who have assistantships. Many graduate assistant positions are part of a team, and students often know when other RA or TA positions are available.
  • Search for assistantships on the SPH job postings website.
  • Contact the departments that house your other degree(s). For example, if you have a B.S. in biology, contact the biology department at UMN for possible assistantships.
  • Check the assistantships available University-wide and also other University of Minnesota job postings. [These may not have the same tuition benefits as assistantships, but they are another opportunity for employment.] The University of Minnesota Human Resources and Graduate Assistant Office is located in the Donhowe Building at 319 15th Ave. SE. The telephone number is (612) 624 – 7070.
  • Look at the postings for positions outside the UMN. For instance, Minnesota Department of Health jobs. This website requests that you submit a skills-based, online resume, and allows you to enter your job search criteria to receive emails of job postings that match your key words.
  • Persevere! Many assistantships require that you have successfully taken one or more of the core classes. If you don’t get an assistantship during your first semester, try again when you have proven yourself.
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