Interviewing Skills

Practicing your answers to frequently asked interview questions can help refine your responses and improve your interviewing skills. This tool allows you to practice interviewing and review your answers with staff from the Career & Professional Development Center.

The School of Public Health Career & Professional Development Services is pleased to introduce Interview Stream, a new tool where students can practice their interviewing skills in front of a webcam.

How Does Interview Stream Work?

Students are able to choose between pre-established interview question sets, or question sets of their own creation. An “interviewer” will ask the first question from the chosen question set, and the student will then respond. Before moving on to the next question, the student may review the video footage of their answer, and re-record if unsatisfied with their response.

Once satisfied, the student then moves on to the next question, and the process is repeated until all questions in the question set have been completed. The student’s completed interview is then stored within their Interview Stream account for future reference. Student’s interviews are only accessible by the student and by Career & Professional Development Services staff.

How to Register for an Interview Stream Account

Interview Stream may also be accessed from a private web cam, after a student has registered for an account. To register, please follow these instructions:

  • Enter URL:
  • Click “register” (under the login).
  • Fill out the form. Make sure to click Agree before submitting your information.
  • Once submitted, you will need to login to the system by typing your username (x.500 email address) and password in the fields found in the upper-right corner of your screen.
  • “Student Dashboard” screen will appear. We recommend you view the Demonstration, Webinar, and Interview Suite to become better acquainted with the system.

Interview Stream Critique Form

Make sure to use this form to make notes and critique yourself when you watch your interviewing videos. Download the critique form (PDF)

Borrow an SPH Webcam

The School of Public Health Career & Professional Development Services has one webcam available for SPH students to check out.

This webcam may be checked out for up to three days, and must be returned to the Career & Professional Development Services by 11 a.m. of the day it is due. See a staff person in A-395 Mayo for information about borrowing the webcam.

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