This timeline is a guide for you as you locate a U.S.-based or international field experience. Please adjust the timeline according to your schedule.

For students exploring international field experiences, it is recommended you begin the process six months or more prior to your departure for potential immunization requirements and researching destination countries.

Fall: Incoming Year

August and September
October and November
December and Winter Break
  • Complete another self-assessment (FEAT) and update your resume.
  • Research professional organizations (PDF) you may be interested in partnering with for your field experience.
  • Continue talking to your mentor, professors, and guest speakers. Making a connection with these people can lead to lifelong positive outcomes.
  • Start checking the SPH Job Board regularly.
End of Semester Goals
  • Conduct 8 informational interviews (PDF).
  • Update your resume and share with your mentor.
  • Increase LinkedIn profile by 30-50 percent.
  • Determine 3 possible skills or competencies you may want to gain from your field experience (use the FEAT to determine what these might be).

Spring: Incoming Year

February-Spring Break
After Spring Break
  • Continue to check the job board and other internship databases.
  • Review field experience program requirements and learning objectives for your program.
  • Start specifically talking to your network about field experience opportunities.
  • Use Field Experience Preceptor information to discuss and frame field experience requirements to potential preceptors.
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