Program in Human Rights & Health

The Program in Human Rights and Health is devoted to the scholarly investigation, practical projects, and educational programs that bear a wide range of moral, legal, and public policy issues involving medicine and public health.

Problems addressed include:

  1. The swift increase in technical knowledge (for example, genetic diagnostics and stem cell biology)
  2. A widening gap in public health infrastructure and medical care depending on socioeconomic status.
  3. The growth in medical costs
  4. Shifts in demography and philosophy

A Focus on the Vulnerable

PHRH’s work is informed by the sense that certain technical, philosophical, and economic transformations of medical practice, research, and health policy threaten important protections of human life. The program strives to look at the risks and burdens that technologies, procedures, and policies impose on the vulnerable and examines whose interests are served.

Disturbing Patterns

Recent medical innovations pose questions to our moral intelligence to which some scholars and policy makers are giving highly debatable answers.

Genuine Debate and Inquiry

A principal goal of the program is to correct the assumption of self-evident truths by encouraging and nourishing lively and wide-ranging debates. The program is committed to questioning preconceptions and encouraging many voices to be heard

The Program in Human Rights and Health has a long history. Information about our organization, including former events and publications, can be found on the University of Minnesota’s Digital Conservancy.

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