Research Day

Congratulations School of Public Health Research Day Poster Winners!

Best Student Poster Awards: Doctoral Level

  • First Place: Jin Jin, Biostatistics, Detection of Prostate Cancer with mpMRI Bayesian Models Utilizing the Structure of the Prostate
  • Second Place: Jincheng Zhou, Biostatistics, Random Effects Models for Meta-Analysis of Causal Effects in Randomized Trials with Noncompliance
  • Third Place: Patrick Schnell, Biostatistics, Semiparametric Benefiting Subgroup Identification
Dean John R. Finnegan Jr., Patrick Schnell, Jincheng Zhou, and Jin Jin

Pictured l-r: Dean John R. Finnegan Jr. with Best Student Poster Award Doctoral Level winners Patrick Schnell, Jincheng Zhou, and Jin Jin.

Best Student Poster Awards: Masters Level

  • First Place: Jennifer Grimm, Epidemiology, Development of a Non-invasive Method for the Measurement of Epstein-Barr Virus Antibodies
  • Second Place: Oluwaseun Fashanu, Epidemiology, Galectin-3 and Venous Thromboembolism Incidence: The Atherosclerosis Risk in Communities Study
  • Third Place: Makshita Luthra, Public Health Administration, Variation in Opioid Utilization Practices in Orthopaedic Patients in Hospitals of United States
Dean John R. Finnegan Jr., Oluwaseun Fashanu, Makshita Luthra, and Jennifer Grimm

Pictured l-r: Dean John R. Finnegan Jr. with Best Student Poster Award Masters Level winners Oluwaseun Fashanu, Makshita Luthra, and Jennifer Grimm.

People’s Choice Awards

  • Doctoral Level: Manami Bhattacharya, HSRPA, Measuring How Well Physicians Know Their Panels and are Prepared to Work with Diverse Populations
  • Masters Level: Gabriela Lazalde, Public Health Administration, Dentists as HPV Vaccinators: What Do Parents Think?
Dean John R. Finnegan Jr., Gabriela Lazalde and Manami Bhattacharya

Pictured l-r: Dean John R. Finnegan Jr. Dean John R. Finnegan Jr. with People’s Choice Award winners Gabriela Lazalde and Manami Bhattacharya.

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Research is core to the mission of the School of Public and occurs in many different areas of the communities where we live and work. Our faculty, students, and staff investigate issues that affect populations worldwide. From studies focused on neighborhoods in the Twin Cities, to large-scale projects spanning several continents, SPH researchers look at health through a prism that includes physiology, the environment, communities, economics, and policy.

Our annual Research Day serves as an opportunity for the SPH to celebrate our successes and support faculty and student research. The day will include:

  • dozens of posters that display doctoral and masters student researchers’ work
  • podium presentations from SPH faculty and senior students showcasing research studies that address critical public health issues for Minnesotans, the region, nation, and globally
  • an awards presentation for the “Best Student Posters” 
  • presentation of three SPH Outstanding Faculty Achievement Awards: Leonard M. Schuman Award for Excellence in Teaching; Charles N. Hewitt Creative Teaching Award; and the SPH Excellence in Advising Award. For more information about these awards or to nominate a SPH faculty member, visit our awards webpage