Search Committee Members

Members of the Provost’s Search Committee for Dean, School of Public Health (invited/appointed)

  • Trevor Ames, Associate Vice President for Academic Health Sciences; professor and dean emeritus,
    College of Veterinary Medicine; committee co-chair
  • Jill Anderson, Administrative Associate, Epidemiology and Community Health
  • Tim Beebe, Mayo Professor and Division Head, Health Policy & Management
  • Susana Carlos, MPH candidate, Epidemiology and Community Health; Chair, SPH Diversity Network; member, Student Senate
  • Ellen Demerath, Professor, Epidemiology & Community Health
  • Rachel Hardeman, Associate Professor, Blue Cross Endowed Professor in Health and Racial Equity,
    Health Policy & Management
  • Susan Leppke, Public Policy Advisor, AABB (formerly the American Association of Blood Banks, Bethesda, MD); treasurer, SPH Alumni Society Board; MPH, Health Administration and Policy, SPH
  • Shweta Mistry, Researcher/Statistician, Biostatistics/Coordinating Centers for Biometric Research
  • Brian Osberg, former State of Minnesota Medicaid Director; School of Public Health Campaign Chair; MPH, Health Management, SPH
  • Marizen Ramirez, Professor of Environmental Health Sciences and Associate Dean for Research
  • Tim Schacker, Professor of Medicine and Vice Dean for Research, UMN Med School; Director, Clinical Translational Research Services, Clinical Translational Science Institute
  • Ali Strickland, PhD candidate, Environmental Health Sciences
  • Julian Wolfson, Associate Professor, Biostatistics; chair, School of Public Health Education
    Policy Committee
  • Erin Slattengren, Assistant to the Provost; EVPP liaison and professional staff to committee
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