Our PhD Students

Student & Contact Advisor  Area of Emphasis
Anderson, Madison Rachel Widome American Indian Health, CVD, Lifestyle Factors, Tobacco
Berger, Aaron T. Rachel Widome
Darin Erickson
Chronic disease prevention; mental health; nutrition; sleep; education; active transportation; health in all policies; natural experimentation; social determinants of health; transition to adulthood
Bonner, Kimberly Nicole E. Basta
Traci Toomey
Infectious diseases, vaccination, HPV vaccine, barriers to vaccination
Brito, Junia Mark Pereira Food & nutrition, public health nutrition, dietary assessment, nutritional epidemiology, chronic diseases, obesity prevention, physical activity & sedentary behavior, maternal and child health nutrition.
Calvert, Collin Rhonda Jones-Webb
Darin Erickson
Substance use and problems, cancer disparities, injury and violence prevention, policy, methods
Friedman, Jessica K. Toben Nelson Addiction, Substance Abuse, Geographic Variation, Women and Children
George, Kristen Aaron Folsom Cardiovascular Disease, Health Disparities, Dementia, Cognitive Decline
Geris, Jennifer Logan Spector Pediatric cancers, epigenetics, DNA methylation signatures, oncogenic viruses
Ghazi, Lama Paul Drawz
Russell V Luepker
Clinical research, hypertension, kidney disease
Griffith, Bridget Nicole Basta
Alan Lifson
Global Health, Maternal and Child Health, Vaccines, Infectious Disease, Emergency Care Systems
Groene, Emily Shalini Kulasingam Global health, infectious disease, sexually transmitted infections, HPV and cervical cancer, immunization, health systems strengthening, reproductive health, maternal and child health, health disparities, decision science, and cost-effectiveness analysis.
Joshi, Spruha Toben Nelson Substance use, policy, social epidemiology
Lammert, Sara Keith Horvath
Richard MacLehose
Infectious disease, HIV, viral outcomes, adherence to ART
Norby, Faye Aaron Folsom Chronic disease prevention, management, and outcomes; atrial fibrillation; cognitive function; aging; stroke; dementia; brain measures; ventricle function; sudden cardiac death; rural disparities in cardiovascular management and outcomes
 Northuis, Carin Kamakshi Lakshminarayan Stroke, Cardiovascular Disease, Health Outcomes
Onyeaghala, Guillaume Anna Prizment
Heather Nelson
Gastrointestinal cancer screening, genetic epidemiology, molecular biology, oral and gut microbiota transmission, refugee health trends after resettlement.
Peterson, Tess Jason Baker
Jim Pankow
Long-term HIV complications
Rooney, Mary Pamela Lutsey
Jim Pankow
Epidemiology of cardiovascular diseases and diabetes, nutrition, biomarkers, aging
Stadelman, Anna David Boulware Infectious disease, opportunistic infections, HIV, tuberculosis, global health
Tastad, Katie Alan Lifson Infectious Disease, Respiratory Viruses, Cytomegalovirus, Military and Veteran populations
Thyden, Naomi Theresa Osypuk Health disparities, health equity, maternal and child health, injury prevention, tobacco prevention, policy, social epidemiology, social determinants of health
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