Rothenberger Institute

The Rothenberger Institute provides students with the knowledge and life skills necessary to achieve healthier futures.

The institute’s courses help students make informed, safe, and healthy choices. Students who are able to effectively manage lifestyle issues, such as avoiding excessive alcohol use, getting adequate sleep, and managing stress in healthy ways, perform better academically, build positive relationships with peers, and more smoothly transition into adulthood.

Course features include:

  • Lessons and corresponding assessments stand alone as online courses or make a great complement to the hybrid or face-to-face classroom.
  • Students engage in critical reflection of personal behaviors, as well as general campus culture and norms, through the course assessments.
  • Interactive lessons are delivered entirely online, available to students 24/7.
  • Students have the option to view lessons online, download and listen to the lesson audio files on their MP3 players, or download and read the lesson transcripts.
  • Courses are developed using our peer education approach, resulting in a consistent student voice throughout the lessons.

Learn About the Institute

Bring the Rothenberger Institute to your students!

These courses can be taught in a variety of ways at your institution. Contact the Rothenberger Institute staff to learn more.

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