Equivalency Exam and Course Waivers

Students have the option of taking an equivalency exam for any of the following core areas:

  • PubH 6751 Principles of Management in Health Services Organizations
  • PubH 6020 Fundamental of Social and Behavioral Science
  • PubH 6450 Biostatistics I
  • PubH 6102 Environmental Health
  • PubH 6320 Fundamentals of Epidemiology
  • PubH 6741 Ethics in Public Health: Professional Practice and Policy
  • PubH 6250 Foundations in Public Health*

Students can only take the exam one time in each core area. Student who pass the exam(s) are waived from the taking the required course and must make up the credits per their area of study and degree requirements. Students who do not pass the exam(s) are required to take the appropriate core course area to satisfy the competency requirements.

Equivalency exams are offered two times a year, approximately two weeks prior to the start of Fall and Spring semesters. Contact your program coordinator for additional details.

*Students who have completed a bachelor’s or master’s degree in public health from a CEPH-accredited school or program in public health may waive PubH 6250 without taking an equivalency exam. Contact your program coordinator to learn more about this option.

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