Sarah Boneske

Environmental Health MPH

“For all my life I’ve wanted to work in the medical field, but after volunteering at the Minneapolis Children’s Hospital for a year, I felt that being a PA or a doctor wasn’t fulfilling enough for me. Later, I sat in on a talk about the importance of public health in the future as the climate continues to change and infectious disease becomes a greater burden. I knew then that I wanted a career in preventative health work.

Sarah Boneske, Environmental Health MPH ’18

Infectious disease is the most exciting thing about public health for me. I’ve always loved learning about microbiology, and how something as small as a bacterium or virus can cause such huge problems for humans.

I currently work for the Minnesota Department of Health as a member of Team Diarrhea, and I want to work in either environmental health or epidemiology with the hope that one day preventable diseases will be a rare occurrence.

I care most about equity for every person, and for me, it starts most simply and basically with health. As I grow as a public health professional, I want to tackle issues surrounding health inequality — especially for the LGBQTA+ community.”


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