Age-Friendly University

Today, unlike any time in history, there are more older people than children in Minnesota. This demographic reality is here for the long term and will impact the core of work in all sectors. As they move into retirement, today’s older adults and Baby Boom Generation carry with them lifetimes of experience in innovation, creativity, and leadership. At the University, we choose to purposefully engage them for the betterment of our University and communities. To coalesce our work across campus, the University of Minnesota Twin Cities is the first institution for higher learning in Minnesota to enroll in the Global Network of Age-Friendly Universities.

Age-Friendly UMN Council

On September 8, 2020 President Gabel endorsed enrollment of the University of Minnesota in the Global Network of Age Friendly Universities. The enrollment was subsequently accepted. This enrollment also established the Age-Friendly University of Minnesota Council.


The University of Minnesota is a leader in age-friendly work, older adults are fully integrated into University life, and our students are fully prepared to meet the needs of our changing communities.


The Age-Friendly University of Minnesota Council believes:

  • We all benefit from intergenerational approaches and exchanges
  • Lifelong learners bring experience and perspective that enrich education
  • Diversity, equity, and inclusion are central pillars to all the work we do
  • Ageism is a pervasive form of bigotry that must be challenged and eliminated
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