Hungry to Learn: Studying Food Insecurity Among College Students

Our Purpose

Food insecurity, or lack of reliable access to sufficient quantities of affordable, nutritious, and culturally appropriate food for all people at all times, has been a national concern for numerous years but has only recently gained attention as a significant concern on college campuses.

Without a strong evidence base, campus leaders who now recognize the pressing issue of campus hunger are left with limited (or yet untested) strategies for action. There is a critical need for transdisciplinary research teams that can systematically advance student hunger solutions and identify feasible, evidence-based solutions for different types of campuses, such as 4-year universities as well as 2-year community and technical colleges.

The purpose of the Hungry to Learn study is to gain insights into the problem of food insecurity among college students in Minnesota. The long-term goal of our transdisciplinary research team is to inform strategies to address and prevent food insecurity on college campuses.

Our intention is for this website to be a resource for Minnesota college and university administrators, staff, and students. Whether you’re an administrator, an academic advisor, or a student-led food pantry leader, we hope to help connect you with useful resources and tools.

Principal Investigator

Melissa Laska, PhD, RD


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