Robert L. Kane Chair in Long-Term Care & Aging and United Way Scholarship Program

The Robert L. Kane Endowed Chair in Long-Term Care and Aging and the Greater Twin Cities United Way have partnered to provide three internships to qualified graduate or professional students during the academic year of 2021–2022. Interns can be from any University of Minnesota program—the main requirement is that interns are interested in serving older people and/or those who care for them. Students selected will be matched with internships at various agencies and programs that serve older adults. Projects are one or two semesters in length and approximately 10 –20 hours per week (hours may vary).

Questions? Contact Ashley Millenbah, MPH at 612-625-9576 or

2021-2022 Scholarship Winners

Janette Romero Saenz
Master of Public Health Candidate, Division of Health Policy and Management, University of Minnesota School of Public Health.

At the Minnesota Leadership Council on Aging (MNLCOA), I will work to advance age-friendly policies and equitable strategies through a collaborative effort. My primary role will be to build partner connections, contribute to operations, and take on the AGEnda project. Alongside the MNLCOA and partners, I hope to promote positive community support for Minnesota’s aging population.

Rebecca Bianchi
Master of Healthcare Administration Candidate, Division of Health Policy and Management, University of Minnesota School of Public Health.

START Senior Solutions hires and trains knowledgeable advocates to become well-versed in the types of issues that arise and complicate a senior’s life. I will be working with the START Senior Solutions advocacy team (nurses, ombudsmen, and gerontologists) concentrated on local Minneapolis and Saint Paul clientele. My project will focus on three areas: developing training procedures for advocates, creating clients’ care plans, and interviewing the advocacy team to document the core advocacy process.

Laura Farlow
Master of Public Health Candidate, Division of Health Policy and Management, University of Minnesota School of Public Health.

Rainbow Health provides key services for the LGBTQ+ aging population in the Twin Cities area. I will be collaborating with the Rainbow Health team to introduce SAGE affiliation to their programs. The connection to SAGE will help to expand the use and quality of services. During this year working with the Aging Initiative at Rainbow Health, I will also help complete the 2021 Twin Cities LGBTQ+ Aging Needs Assessment. Through this work, I hope to connect more with the community and to create a foundation of knowledge in aging activism.

2020-2021 Scholarship Winners

Emily Reimer
Master of Public Health Candidate, Division of Epidemiology and Community Health, University of Minnesota School or Public Health.

FamilyMeans provides a variety of services to caregivers and care receivers in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area, southeastern Minnesota, and western Wisconsin. I will be collaborating with the entire FamilyMeans team to organize and film content for their programming. Some of the content will be a virtual version of their existing programs and some will be new content that caregivers and care receivers can access at any time. Through this work, I hope to create engaging and relevant content for FamilyMeans clients, families, and providers.

Karen Chen
Master of Public Health Candidate, Division of Health Policy and Management, University School of Public Health.

At the Metropolitan Area Agency on Aging I will work under the supervision of the Executive Director, Dawn Simonson. I will compare comprehensive plans for cities in the seven-country Minneapolis/St. Paul area to determine if they include the World Health Organization’s eight domains of age-friendliness. The goal of this project is to determine how cities are including and addressing the aging population in their plans for the future.

2019-2020 Scholarship Winners

Kayla Chapman
Master of Public Health Candidate, Public Health Administration & Policy University of Minnesota School of Public Health.

At Amherst H. Wilder Foundation I will be working with the Director of Healthy Aging & Caretaking Services, Maureen Kenney. I will be facilitating a work group dedicated to expanding their customized living services that currently serve individuals in two Saint Paul Public Housing apartment buildings. The Ultimate goal is to increase the reach of Wilder’s customized living services to support individuals in the community who need daily assistance to live independently and prevent or delay the need to move into a nursing home.

Abigail Fink
Master of Public Health Candidate, Maternal & Child Health
University of Minnesota School of Public Health.

I am a first year Maternal and Child Health MPH student, with a minor in Epidemiology. I am working with Centro Tyrone Guzman on the Wise Elders program, which builds community among aging adults and provides a variety of educational, health, and recreational activities for them and their families. I will be helping to create a packet of program materials for the families of aging adults with Alzeihmer’s and dementia. The packet will serve as a resource for family members to continue memory exercises at home and support the health and well-being of their loved ones.

Alexandria Grimes
Master of Public Policy Candidate, Public Policy Humphrey School of Public Affairs.

I’m a second year student at the Humphrey School, pursuing a Master’s Degree in Public Policy along with graduate minors in Urban and Regional Planning and Health Equity. Prior to beginning my graduate studies, I worked in Medicare and long-term care coordination and advocacy. I’m interested in the ways public policy can be used as a tool to improve the lives of older adults. This semester, I’ll be working with the Alzheimer’s Association to assist with the MDH rule-making process surrounding the elder abuse protections that passed the legislature last session. I’m hoping to gain a better understanding of how the state implements new regulations, and I’m looking forward to assisting the Alzheimer’s Association with the process!

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