The purpose of this research study is to test an important question in relation to dietary recommendations for people with type 2 diabetes: Do diet beverages (e.g. Diet Coke, Crystal Light, Diet Snapple, etc.) influence aspects of diabetes control?

Individuals participating in this study will be provided with beverages for 6 months,

This research study is being conducted in both the Twin Cities Metro Area and Irvine/Orange County, CA by Drs. Mark Pereira at the University of Minnesota’s School of Public Health & Andrew Odegaard at University of California, Irvine with funding from the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases at the National Institutes of Health.

You may be eligible if:

  • You have Type 2 Diabetes
  • You are 35 years old or older.
  • You drink artificially sweetened (i.e. diet, no calorie) beverages
  • You are able to speak and understand English

If you are determined to be eligible, you would be asked to:

  • Attend 8 study visits, varying in length from 10-45 minutes; 5 of these visits would involve fasting blood draws.
  • Complete 7 phone calls where you would be asked about what you ate the day before.
  • Wear a Continuous Glucose Monitor for 3 two-week periods (on the back of your arm).
  • Wear an activity monitor for 3 one-week periods (on your thigh)
For more detailed information on the visit schedule, see page 2 of the SODAS Participant Fact Sheet (PDF).

If you are eligible and choose to take part in the study,

  • You would receive beverages for 24 weeks, delivered directly to you.
  • You would also receive up to $425 for completing study activities.

At the end of the study:
You will be provided with your study data, including blood glucose patterns and activity reports.

Complete our online screener (opens in a new tab/window)

If you meet the preliminary eligibility criteria, we will call you within 7-10 business days to follow-up.

Sure! We’d love your help in recruiting eligible people.

Feel free to post a flier (PDF) or post this website to your social media accounts (Facebook, Nextdoor, Twitter, etc). People must be able to come to in-person visits in Minneapolis, MN or Irvine, CA.

The California-specific study website is under development. If you’re from CA, please contact us at the number or email below and we can forward your query onto our Irvine team.

If you have other recruitment ideas, please call us at (612) 437-6126 or send an email to

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