Episode 7: Reopening: Navigating To A New Normal

About this Episode:

States around the country are beginning to explore reopening their economies and  getting people back to work. Some have made steps in that direction, while others watch and learn. But reopening isn’t like flipping a switch. In this episode, we talk about the myriad elements to consider as we inch toward a new normal.


Jan Malcolm | Commissioner | MN Department of Health
Rebecca Wurtz MD, MPH | Associate Professor, Division of Health Policy and Management | UMN SPH | BIO
Kumi Smith PhD – Assistant Professor, Division of Epidemiology and Community Health, UMN SPH | BIO
Susan Arnold, PhD | UMN SPH | Director of Exposure Science & Sustainability Institute | BIO
Sarah Wovcha JD, MPH | Executive Director | Children’s Dental Services | MPLS, MN | BIO
John Finnegan | Dean and Professor at University of Minnesota School of Public Health
Michael Joyce | Producer and Host of ‘Health In All Matters’ Podcast

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