Strategic Plan for Antiracism

To live up to our school’s guiding value that health is a human right, we have a responsibility to expose and dismantle racism’s influence wherever it is found, including within our own school.

In 2020, we began drafting a strategic plan to fundamentally change our school’s culture, perspectives, intentions, and actions. In May 2020, George Floyd’s murder — a few miles from our school — spurred a summer of civil unrest and we knew it was time for a profound change in our school. We accelerated our plan’s timeline and committed SPH to actively make diversity, equity, inclusion, justice, and antiracism central to our operations and mission. The result is our Strategic Plan for Antiracism. View the Plan (PDF)

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Progress Update

In July 2021, we launched our five-year Strategic Plan for Antiracism, an organized commitment to advance justice, equity, and antiracism across all levels of our school and in ourselves. One year later, we look at how we have done.

View the progress update

Lauren Jones, Director of Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion, introduces the Strategic Plan for Antiracism.

Core Principles of the Strategic Plan for Antiracism

  1. Make our SPH values “Health is a Human Right” and “Different Perspectives Make Us Stronger” the guiding tenets of all school actions.
  2. Align with the U of M system’s MPact 2025 strategic plan that states it will: recruit and retain diverse talent; cultivate a welcoming and inclusive campus climate; and advance understanding and nurture enduring partnerships.
  3. Provide a clear path to put antiracism, anti-oppression, and justice at the center of all we do.
  4. Create shared language and understanding so each and every member of SPH can support the plan.


  • 2020

    • DEI consultants engaged
    • Planning committee formed
    • Climate assessment conducted
  • Fall 2020

    • Climate assessment results analyzed
    • Draft plan prepared
  • Spring 2021

    • Plan finalized
  • Summer 2021

    • Plan launched
  • Summer 2022

    • Progress tracking system developed
    • Year 1 annual report created
    • Year 1 anniversary celebrated
  • Fall 2022

    • Climate assessment conducted

Measuring Change

Progress Update

Annual Report

Climate Assessments

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