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Watch the SPH Campaign Video

Protecting the Most Vulnerable from Infectious Disease

Maria Sundaram is committed to protecting global populations from infectious disease. With extensive experience as an infectious disease researcher for organizations including the CDC, Maria has authored numerous scientific papers related to the topic, and has been a featured expert in international forums.

Maria’s doctoral dissertation research focuses on how vaccine protection differs between malnourished and well-nourished children. It also extends to population-level protection from other vaccine-preventable diseases like influenza and HPV.

“Public health has the power to expose social inequalities, and it gives people the power to fight back against these injustices. That’s what drives me to research infectious diseases in a global context. This kind of research gives scientists the ability to protect people around the world who might not be able to protect themselves from disease.

I am excited to earn my doctorate, begin my career, and get to work serving those who need it the most.”
– Maria Sundaram

Maria Sundaram

Maria Sundaram
Environmental Health Sciences PhD Student
Environmental Health Sciences Fund
School of Public Health Alumni Scholarship

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