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Accreditation is a process for ensuring that we deliver high quality education that prepares our students with the skills, knowledge, and experiences to advance public health as practitioners, scientists, and leaders. The Council on Education for Public Health (CEPH) is the national organization that accredits schools of public health and public health programs. CEPH establishes the standards by which public health schools and programs are evaluated to make sure that they are effectively working to enhance the health of human populations. The University of Minnesota’s School of Public Health (SPH) has been continuously accredited since October 1946.

The accreditation process requires completing a rigorous self-study, which involves evaluating the quality and content of our educational programs, research, community service, and engagement with external partners and collaborators. Completing the self-study also involves reflecting on our accomplishments and addressing areas identified for growth. The self-study document is submitted prior to an on-site visit when CEPH will conduct an in-person evaluation of the SPH for reaccreditation. CEPH previously accredited SPH from 2015-2022. We are now preparing the self-study for accreditation from 2022-2029.

Accreditation Coordinating Team

Completing the self-study requires gathering, reviewing, and evaluating information on over 40 areas specified by CEPH. Stakeholders and contributors to the self-study include students, staff, faculty, alumni, and community partners. This effort is guided by the Accreditation Coordinating Team:

  • Lead: Betsy Wattenberg, Associate Professor and Associate Dean of Education and Student Engagement
  • Project Coordinator: Annie Hotop
  • Project Coordinator: Sara Veblen-Mortenson
  • Registrar: Carol Francis


  • September 2020: Launch of self-study consultation process
  • September 2020: Faculty advisory group reviewed and revised the Guiding Statements
  • October 2020: SPH faculty, students and staff and external stakeholders reviewed the Guiding Statements
  • November 2020: Guiding Statements finalized
  • December 2020: Data collection for self-study complete
  • January 2021: Internal self-study section drafts submitted by section leads
  • February – May 2021: Stakeholder review and revision of self-study section drafts
  • June 2021: Preliminary self-study draft completed
  • September 2021: Complete first draft of self-study for submission to CEPH
  • January 2022: Receive feedback on first draft of self-study from CEPH
  • March 2022: Submit final draft of self-study
  • April 2022: CEPH Site Visit

If you have feedback or questions, please contact Annie Hotop:

Self-Study from the previous 2015-2022 reaccreditation
Download the 2014 Self-Study (3 MB PDF)

CEPH Accreditation Letter and Final Report from previous 2015-2022 reaccreditation

CEPH logoDownload the final report (629 KB PDF)

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