Lasting Harm

Shaming or teasing comments made about a person’s weight, called weight stigma, during adolescence can do life-long damage and lead to future substance use.

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75 years

Generations of excellence

Since 1944, our school has been making healthier lives possible for all people. With our $40 million campaign, we are building on the achievements of our past to support the next 75 years of transforming health across the globe.

Mother holding her infant

Paying a Price

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Next Gen Workforce

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Mother’s Diet Signals Baby’s Healthy Weight

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Food for Health

“[While studying to be a ballet dancer] … I saw a lot of my classmates struggling with disordered eating and distorted ideas about food, health, and nutrition. It got me thinking: how do people approach health? And how do we make sure that food is being discussed as a tool to make ourselves healthy, rather than used as a weapon against ourselves?”

— Shelby Panttaja, Maternal & Child Health MPH

As an undergraduate, Shelby taught a nutrition class in her local refugee community. That experience shaped her personal mission to make better health possible for all immigrant and refugee communities. Now with her MPH, she is doing just that at the Minnesota Department of Health.

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Shelby Panttaja

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  • 1.Health is a human right
  • 2.Upstream action saves lives
  • 3.Different perspectives make us stronger
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