Paying a price

Advocating for yourself or your baby during a hospital birth should be a positive thing, but just the opposite is true for some women when speaking up leads to poor treatment.

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75 years

Generations of excellence

Since 1944, our school has been making healthier lives possible for all people. With our $40 million campaign, we are building on the achievements of our past to support the next 75 years of transforming health across the globe.

Next Gen Workforce

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Mother’s Diet Signals Baby’s Healthy Weight

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united states map of opioid deaths by state

Tracking Overdose Deaths

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Changing Lives Through Learning

“Medicine is so much more than just science. It’s real people: their lives, their communities, and their families. It’s important to recognize that there are large disparities, and they’re growing…and there’s something we can do about it.”

— Shivani Thakker, Public Health Administration & Policy MPH

By getting her MPH prior to medical school, Shivani Thakker hopes to understand what most physicians don’t: health insurance, health policy, and health systems — the pieces of the health care puzzle that she feels must be part of her training as an aware physician.

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Our Values

  • 1.Health is a human right
  • 2.Upstream action saves lives
  • 3.Different perspectives make us stronger
  • 4.Our future depends on education
  • 5.Bigger imaginations yield better results
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