Traveling Far for Care

As hospitals close, rural breast cancer patients must typically travel three times farther than urban women for radiation therapy.

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75 years

Stronger Together

In the past three-quarters of a century, our school has become one of the top 10 schools of public health in the country. Join with our students from more than 40 countries as we strive to make health a human right.

sleepy student

Teen Fatigue and Chronic Disease

Lack of sleep for teens may have lifelong health consequences.

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air pollution over city

Bad Air and Violence

Breathing dirty air may likely cause people to commit more violent crimes.

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Kids eating on a bench

Lasting Harm

Study ties harmful body comments in adolescence to substance use in adulthood.

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Making Systems Work

“[M]y undergraduate degree [in nutrition] on its own was very textbook-heavy — very theoretical. We weren’t talking about the social determinants of health: the barriers that make it hard for people to eat well. At some point, I realized I’d need more education to really get a handle on how to approach the systemic issues that… were never addressed.

"I want the business perspective that comes with an MHA, but I also want the background in public health training and a firm grounding in basic public health concepts.”

— Ruth, Master of Healthcare Administration MHA

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Ruth Gebremedhin

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Our Values

  • 1.Health is a human right
  • 2.Upstream action saves lives
  • 3.Different perspectives make us stronger
  • 4.Our future depends on education
  • 5.Bigger imaginations yield better results
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