Surviving Childhood Cancer, or Not

Socioeconomic status accounted for up to 73 percent of the racial and ethnic survival gap for some types of childhood cancer.

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Reclaiming food as the basis for health

The University of Minnesota School of Public Health is a food research and education powerhouse. For 75 years, we have broken new ground in discovering how we eat, why we eat, what we eat, and the consequences of these actions.

people in grocery store

Finding Good Food Close to Home

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New Danger Found In Vaping

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People eating a meal together

Family Meals Benefit Parents, Too

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Finding public health

Epidemiology PhD student Emily Groene’s path to public health was circuitous. Her original plan was to go to law school, but before doing so, she followed her love for languages and traveling with the Peace Corps where she discovered the critical importance health played in the communities she worked with.

“After all the work I’ve done, I’ve found my passion lies with women’s issues, and specifically working on issues that impact women in low-resource settings,” she says.

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Emily Groene

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Our Values

  • 1.Health is a human right
  • 2.Upstream action saves lives
  • 3.Different perspectives make us stronger
  • 4.Our future depends on education
  • 5.Bigger imaginations yield better results
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