Why should I get an American Indian Public Health and Wellness Certificate?
The Certificate program offers an opportunity to learn how to work respectfully and effectively with Tribes and American Indian communities with an increased understanding of the health services and tribal law as experienced by American Indians.

Who is eligible for the program?
The certificate program is designed for working professionals with a baccalaureate degree.

How long does the program take?
The American Indian Public Health and Wellness Certificate must be completed within four years of matriculation. It can be completed in two years by taking one course per term. Most people complete the certificate in one to two years.

Can I transfer credits from the certificate to a MPH degree program at the School of Public Health?
All credits taken for the certificate are graduate level and are eligible for transfer consideration. However, the Masters program have the final authority to decide which courses apply to their degrees and could transfer into the MPH as electives.

How do I apply to a MPH or MS after starting the certificate?
Certificate students can apply to a MPH or MS program through SOPHAS at the School of Public Health if they meet the minimum requirements of the program.

Are courses available online?
Presently, the required courses for the AIPHW certificate are available on-site, in-person.  It is the goal of the Certificate to have the required courses available on-line in the future. Some elective courses may be available on-line.

How much does the certificate cost?
The School of Public Health charges $1014.00 (2019/2020) per credit.  The total cost varies depending on how many credits you take per term, your residency status, your health insurance coverage and other similar factors.

Is financial aid available?
No, Certificate students are not eligible to apply for federal financial aid.  Financial aid does not support Certificates.

Are scholarships available?
Very limited scholarships may be available.

If I am admitted, do I need to complete the Academic Health Science Immunizations requirements?
Yes, you would be a School of Public Health student and the School of Public Health is a part of the UMN Academic Health Center (AHC).  Therefore, as an Academic Health Center student, you will need to complete the Academic Health Science’s immunization requirements.

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