Applicants must possess an advanced degree, such as MS, MD, DDS, DVM, PharmD,  or  PhD, or a Public Health Certificate in Core Concepts with a minimum CUM GPA of 3.25 and have some work experience in the area of health or human services.  Note that student applications are carefully considered as part of a holistic review process. No admission scores or tests are required .

To get started on your MPH Executive Program in Public Health Practice application visit, SOPHAS. To find our program – follow this path.

  • Areas of study – check ALL
  • Institution – check University of Minnesota of Public Health
  • Program – MPH – Executive Public Health Practice

Who is in this program?

2020 2019 2018
DDS   1  4  4
DVM 11 8 11
JD  1  1  1
MD/MBBS /PA 19 23 26
PhD/MA/MBA/MS   4  4  6
PharmD   2  3  4
PubH Core Concepts Cert  5 7 11

Program stats

Applications Matriculated Graduated
2020 21 19 13
2019 28 13 17
2018 28 19 17
2017 29 20 11

What do student say about the program?

“Highly flexible graduate degree program”      MD, MPH

“My experience in the Public Health Practice program was incredible valuable. Not only did I achieve my  goal of an MPH and a career in epidemiology, but I learned  about the amazingly broad impact that all aspects of public health have on our daily lives. I gained much more insight
into the world than I ever expected.”  DVM, MPH

“The executive PHP program allowed me the flexibility to customize my MPH to gain skills I need for future endeavors”  DVM, MPH

Application Deadlines

May/Summer Term:
April 1
Fall Term:
August 1
Spring Term:
December 1

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