Who is eligible for the program?

Current students in good standing at any accredited medical school are eligible to apply. Students may be admitted to the program no earlier than after year one of medical school. However, coursework may begin earlier. Check with major coordinator for details.

Can I complete the MD at any school?

Yes, you may attend any accredited Medicine program anywhere and complete the MPH at the UMN School of Public Health.

When would I start the MPH?

When the program first started, most students attended the School of Public Health between years 2-3, but over time that has shifted and many students are choosing to complete the MPH between years 3-4. Students take their Step 2 on the earliest dates available for their eligibility period, usually in June and then start the MPH degree in the summer term (mid June). 

Majority of students start Summer term and finish the degree the following Spring term for a total of 3 terms.

How long does the program take?

This streamlined program allows medical students to earn an MD and MPH in five years. Students can begin with two years of preclinical medical school courses, and then take a year of courses in the School of Public Health. They return to medical school for two years of clinical curriculum, during which they finish their public health graduate project.  Students usually need 3 terms (1 yr) to complete the 42 credits for the MPH.

How many credits are required for the MPH?

42 cr, 22 credits are required and 20 credits are elective courses of your choice.

Can I focus on a particular specialty?

Students are encouraged to focus their elective courses and field experience around one of these themes:

  • Maternal and Child Health
  • International Health
  • Occupational and Environmental Health
  • Infectious Disease
  • Clinical Preventive Practice
  • Nutrition

Students may also self-design a theme in consultation with an adviser.

Are the MPH classes offered online or in-person?

You may take the majority of public health courses online, giving you the flexibility you need.

The required courses are offered online and many elective courses are offered online and oncampus during the fall and spring terms. You need to be on campus to attend PubH 6210 PubH Med Seminar which is an onsite course in the Spring term.  The applied practice experience can be completed at your location and the integrated learning experience is complete in PubH 6210.

Is financial aid available?

Public Health Medicine students are eligible to apply for Federal Student Aid by submitting the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Please be sure to enter the UMN school code (003969) to ensure your information is received.

There are no special scholarships for this program. Ideas about how to finance your education can be found on our website.

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