Graduate Minor in Climate Change and Health

The Climate Change and Health graduate-level minor trains students in the science of climate change and the mitigation and adaptation strategies public health professionals can use to respond.

Learning Objectives

There is a pressing need to develop a public health workforce that can navigate and adapt to climate change threats. The minor will provide students with:

  1. Foundational understanding of the science of climate change;
  2. Population social and health vulnerabilities; and
  3. Practical skills in climate change modeling, surveillance, and programmatic and policy interventions at various levels (i.e., local, regional, state, national, global).

The public health approach is two-fold, with its focus on entire populations and on vulnerable populations (i.e., individuals who bear disproportionate climate-related health burdens).

Declaring a Minor

The process to declare a minor is based on specific criteria.
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Director of Graduate Studies
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