Graduate Minor in Health Services Research, Policy and Administration

The Health Services Research Policy and Administration minor is available to students who are interested in the social, political, and economic forces that affect the operations, financing, and delivery of health care. This minor offers a high degree of flexibility in course selection, which can be tailored to individual interests and goals of the student.

Declaring a Minor

The process to declare a minor is based on specific criteria.
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There are 6 required credits for Masters students.

  • PubH 6724 Health Care System and Public Health (3cr, preferred) OR
  • PubH 6556 Health and Health Systems (3cr)

Can be waived if student has completed prior health systems coursework.

Foundational Courses
Research and analytics skills

  • PubH 6806, Principles of Public Health Research, (2cr)
  • PubH 6864, Outcomes Research, (3cr)
  • PubH 6832, Health Econ, (3 cr)
  • PubH 6735, Principles of Pub Health Policy, (3cr)
  • PubH 6845, Using Demographic Data for Policy Analysis, (3 cr)
  • PubH 6810, Survey Research Methods, (3 cr)
  • PubH 6862, Cost Effectiveness Analysis, (3 cr)
  • PubH 6717, Decision Analysis for Health Care, (2cr)
  • PubH 6809, Advanced Methods in Health Decision Science, (3cr)
  • PUBH 6815, Community-based Participatory Research, (2 cr)

Other minor course options
Related topics

  • PubH 6744, State Health Policy & Politics, (2 cr)
  • PubH 6803, Conducting a Systematic Literature Review, (3 cr)
  • PubH 6765, Continuous Quality Improvement, (3cr)
  • PubH 6727, Health Leadership and Effecting Change, (2 cr) Also on-line fall
  • PubH 6560, Operations Research and Quality in Healthcare, (3cr)
  • PubH 6863, Understanding Health Care Quality, (2cr)
  • PUBH 6852, Program Evaluation in Health and Mental Health Settings, (2cr) Completely online
  • PubH 6855, Medical Sociology, (3 cr)
  • PubH 6804, Mental Health Policy, (2cr) Offered alternating years

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