Graduate Minor in Public Health

The Graduate Minor in Public Health is available to students enrolled in master’s and doctoral programs outside of the School of Public Health. Students enrolled in the SPH are not eligible because the minor requirements are part of their major field of study.

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Declaring a Minor

The process to declare a minor is based on specific criteria.
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Program Requirements

A minor for either the master’s degree or doctoral degree may be earned in public health when it logically relates to the major field. Master’s students are required to complete at least eight graduate credits from courses offered in the School of Public Health, while doctoral students are required to complete at least 14 credits.

The minor program is designed to suit the particular needs and interests of students, with the provision that a graduate level course in environmental health, epidemiology, and biostatistics be included in that requirement.

These courses must at least meet the content level of the school’s basic courses in those three subjects:

  • PubH 6102 – Issues in Environmental Health
  • PubH 6320 – Fundamentals of Epidemiology (or) PubH 6341 – Epidemiology I
  • PubH 6414 – Biostatistical Literacy (or) PubH 6450 – Biostatistics I
 When alternative courses in epidemiology or environmental health are determined by the student and the adviser to be preferable to the above listed courses, alternative courses may be substituted, with approval from the adviser and the director of graduate studies.

The courses to form the minor requirement should be selected in consultation with an appropriate faculty adviser from the minor program, who will be assigned by the director of graduate studies.

If students have already taken graduate level courses in the above listed content areas at other schools, other public health courses could be used to complete the minor requirement, with approval from the adviser and the director of graduate studies.

Public health courses frequently have prerequisites or enrollment limitations, so early planning of a minor is important.

Use of 4xxx courses toward program requirements is permitted under certain conditions with adviser approval.

Suggested courses include:

PUBH 6102 – Issues in Environmental Health
PUBH 6320 – Fundamentals of Epidemiology (or) PUBH 6341 – Epidemiologic Methods I
PUBH 6414 – Biostatistical Literacy (or) PUBH 6450 – Biostatistics I

Prerequisites for Admission

Admission to the Graduate Minor in Public Health is contingent upon prior admission to a master’s or doctoral degree granting program within the Graduate School. Students enrolled in graduate programs within the School of Public Health are not eligible.

Procedure for Admission

First consult with your major program adviser about the advisability of a minor in public health. You will then need to contact the director of graduate studies, Kristin Anderson ( or 612-624-1818) or her assistant, Carol Francis ( or 612-624-6952) for minor information.

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