Community Engagement

Maternal & Child Health students complete an Applied Practice (AP) experience in a community based setting. Examples of recent AP experiences include:

  1. Minnesota Coalition Against Sexual Assault: Create an educational tool that is accessible to a variety of stakeholders (SANE trained, non-SANE, and victims of violence) in rural, suburban, and urban medical settings throughout the state of MN; while also upholding the current standards set down by the CDC.
  2. Red Ribbon & Eagle River Youth Coalition: The Red Ribbon Project works to empower the community, teenagers, and adolescents to reduce teen pregnancy, HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections.
  3. Minnesota Correctional Facility Shakopee: Assist with the curriculum development for a women’s Health Literacy course.

The program’s affiliated HRSA-funded Center for Leadership Education in Maternal and Child Health, has solidified the position of the Maternal & Child Health program in the community and has contributed to extensive reach to government and private organizations.

Every year, the Center for Leadership Education in Maternal and Child Health sponsors about 20 professional events. Many of these events are free and/or registration is waived for MCH students.

Maternal & Child Health students also have opportunities for one-on-one mentoring with alumni and community leaders through the SPH mentor program.

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