Faculty research interests span a variety of topics, including cancer, cardiovascular disease, genetics and genomics, HIV/AIDS, machine learning, medical imaging, pulmonary disease, spatial statistics, survival analysis, and more.

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Recent Student Project and Dissertation Titles:

  • Cynthia Basu, “Hierarchical Bayesian Models for the Pharmacokinetics & Pharmacodynamics of Lorenzo’s Oil”
  • Jeffrey Boatman, “Estimating the Causal Effect of Solid Organ Transplantation Treatment Regimes on Survival”
  • Kristen Cunanan, “Dose-Finding Using Hierarchical Modeling for Multiple Subgroups”
  • Abhirup Datta, “Environment Pollutants Interpolation Using Dynamic Nearest Neighbor Gaussian Process Model”
  • Caroline Groth, “Bayesian Model for Predicting Exposure in Multiple Exposure Groups”
  • Brandon Lee Koch, “Doubly Robust Estimation of Causal Treatment Effects with the Group Lasso”
  • Patrick Schnell, “A Bayesian Credible Subgroups Approach to Identifying Patient Groups with Positive Treatment Effect”
  • Hong Zhao, “Hierarchical Bayesian Approaches for Detecting Inconsistency in Network Meta-Analysis”
  • Xiaoyue Zhao, “Bayesian Hierarchical Modeling and Inference fro Well-Mixed and Two-Zone Models in Industrial Hygiene”
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