The Global Health Certificate requires a minimum of 15 credits (7 required credits and 8 credits of electives.) The Certificate can be completed part time, over 4 terms. Students are encouraged, but not required to start with PubH 6390 Foundations of Global Health offered online fall term. Students have four years to complete the Certificate.

Coursework incorporates the global health practice domains as established by the Associations of Schools and Programs in Public Health.

  • Capacity strengthening, collaborating and partnering
  • Ethical reasoning and professional practice; health equity and social justice
  • Program management and strategic analysis; and
  • Socio-cultural and political awareness

Sample Schedule (students may start any term)

Year One

Fall Term (6 cr)

  • Required – PubH 6390 Foundations of Global Health, 2 cr – offered Fall term, online. This course will present key principles in global health and address cross-cutting issues. Class exercises will focus on challenging global health problems, and strategies to address them. OR PubH 6134 Effects of globalization on social/sustainable development- 2 cr – offered Fall term, onsite  Population, war, economics, urbanization, environment, water/sanitation, communicable/non-communicable conditions. New infectious/chronic diseases, food security/environmental health. *DO NOT TAKE BOTH*
  • Global Health Elective, 2 cr
  • Global Health Elective, 2 cr

Spring Term (6 cr)

  • Required – PubH 6131, Working in global Health, 2 cr – offered Spring term, onsite. Introduction to key issues in global health. Global burden of disease. Cultural issues/health. Nutrition. Infectious diseases. Environmental problems. Women/children.
    Prereq Grad student.
  • Global Health Elective, 2 cr
  • Global Health Elective, 2 cr

Summer Term (2 cr)

Fall Term (1cr)

  • Required – PubH 7200 Topics in Public Health Practice: Global Health Certificate Capstone Seminar, 1 cr – offered spring/fall
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