Knowing Nutrition

The School of Public Health’s Nutrition Coordinating Center provides a nationwide resource used in advancing nutrition research

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Keith Horvath

Reaching People Living with HIV through Apps
Assistant Professor Keith Horvath makes sure that those with HIV have good tools to maintain their care and health.

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Julian Wolfson

Tracking Daily Activity to Understand Movement

Assistant Professor Julian Wolfson creats an app that tracks daily movement to answer questions related to health.

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Finding the Ideal Body Composition for Preterm Babies
A project led by Professor Ellen Demerath is looking at how preterm babies can grow bigger in ways that don’t just focus on weight, but also bolster cognitive development and long-term health.

Reducing Child Marriage and Partner Violence in Bangladesh
Associate Professor Theresa Osypuk is looking at the association of child marriage and intimate partner violence in Bangladesh, which has the highest prevalence of early child marriage.

Exploring Why Women of Color Become Doulas
There is little racial and ethnic diversity among birth professionals in the U.S., and now Assistant Professor Rachel Hardeman is looking at why women of color have become doulas and how this information can help recruit more diverse doulas.

Data Could Help Clinics Manage HIV Care
Regular medical care is critical for people with HIV, but many are lost to the health care system, due to moving or changing care providers. A new study from Assistant Professor Eva Enns finds that HIV surveillance data could be used to better track patient care.

The cover of Advances fall 2016 issue


The fall 2016 issue of Advances shows how a public health approach could prevent gun-related injuries.

Assistant Professor Rachel Hardeman talks about structural racism in the health care industry. (KSTP)

In the News

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