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ARIC study participant

Conquering Heart Disease for 30 Years

Three decades ago, SPH helped initiate the Atherosclerosis Risk in Communities (ARIC) Study, one of the world’s largest and longest running studies about heart health. 

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Speaking for the Voiceless
Assistant Professor Tetyana Shippee makes sure minorities have a voice in their quality of life in nursing homes.

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Ruby Nguyen

Protecting Babies and Children from Harmful Chemicals

Associate Professor Ruby Nguyen works to discover how everyday chemicals can alter a child’s development while they’re in the womb. 

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Addressing Racial Inequities in Birth Outcomes
In Minnesota and across the U.S., African-American women and infants are at least twice as likely as white women and infants to die around the time of childbirth. A new project led by Assistant Professor Rachel Hardeman aims to improve birth outcomes by studying best practices at Roots Community Birth Center, Minnesota’s first and only African-American-owned birth center.

Avoiding Weight Gain Starts in Adolescence
A new study from Professor David Jacobs and Project EAT shows that keeping your weight in-check as an adult is linked to the quality of your diet in adolescence.

Targeting Addiction: Opioid Prescribing Common Upon Hospital Discharge
A new study from Associate Professor Pinar Karaca-Mandic shows that Medicare beneficiaries who previously had no opioid use are commonly prescribed opioids, which include pain killers such as Vicodin, oxycodone, and morphine, upon hospital discharge.

Implementing a Soda Tax: Why the Messaging Matters
In an effort to reduce the consumption of soda, many have argued that adding a tax to the beverage may prompt people to drink less. Associate Professor Sarah Gollust finds that when adding a tax, the messaging is important to how consumers respond.


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