Our PhD Students

Our PhD Students

More than 50 students are currently enrolled in the HSRP&A PhD program, including those in the market for employment.

Current job candidates

Drake, Coleman (website) Health  Economics Health economics, healthcare policy, applied econometrics, industrial organization, labor economics Jean Abraham, Roger Feldman
Higuera, Lucas (website) Health Economics Health insurance design, emergency department services and urgent care, discrete choice experiments, impact evaluation. Roger Feldman, Jean Abraham
Joseph, Jennifer (website) Clinical Outcomes Research Chronic disease prevention, management, and outcomes; diabetes and cancer care and outcomes; health and healthcare disparities; structural/institutional factors and disparities; social determinants of health Beth Virnig
Schwehr, Natalie Clinical Outcomes Research Chronic disease management, pain management, shared decision making, evidence-based practice, healthcare disparities Karen Kuntz
Tang, Xuyang (website) Health Policy Behavioral economic applications to encourage healthy behavioral change, interventions to promote healthy eating and purchasing, health policy analysis and modeling, econometric methods Sarah Gollust

Our Current PhD Students

Student & Contact Area of Emphasis
Adeniyi, Titilope Health Decision Science
Cain (Woodhouse), Molly Health Organization & Mgmt Sciences
Chantarat, Tongtan (website) Decision Science
Cobb, Mary (website) Health Policy
Desai, Priyanka (website) Health Policy
Everhart, Alexander (website) Health Economics
Frenier, Christopher (website) Health Economics
Ghildayal, Nedhi Health Decision Sciences
Haig, Kael (website) Health Decision Sciences
Hinahara, Jordan Health Decision Sciences
Huang, Tsan-Yao Health Economics
Kao, Szu-Yu (Zoe) (website) Health Decision Science
Karbeah, J’Mag (website) Sociology of Health and Illness
Kenyon, Cynthia (website)  Multidisciplinary Social Sciences
Leininger, Brent (website) Decision Science
Longacre, Colleen (website) Clinical Outcomes Research
Mentzer, Kari (website) Health Policy
Munger, Meghan (website) Clinical Outcomes Research
Ng, Weiwen (website) Clinical Outcomes Research
Noh, Eunjeong Health Organization and Management Sciences
Przedworski, Julia (Jules) (website) Sociology of Health and Illness
Qin, Xuanzi (Shirley) (website) Health Economics
Saunders, Jennifer (website) Health Policy
Scal, Peter
Schwehr, Natalie  Clinical Outcomes Research
Smith, Laura (website) Health Economics
Stabler, Henry (website) Clinical Outcome Research
Swanson, Kristi (website) Clinical Outcomes Research
Tang, Xuyang (website) Health Policy Analysis
Thao, Viengneesee (Vee) (website) Clinical Outcomes Research
Togun, Adeniyi (website) Clinical Outcomes Research
Weaver, Lesley (website) Health Policy
Weissblum, Lianna (website) Health Policy
Williamson, Ian (website) Health Economics
Yang, Zhiyou (Austin) (website) Health Economics
Yu, Jiani (website) Health Economics
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