When Should I Apply?

Final deadlines vary by program, but for most programs the scholarship consideration deadline is December 1.

Start your application well before the deadline. We recommend that you submit and complete your application at least 2 weeks before the deadline to circumvent any issues that may arise with the verification of your U.S. or Canadian coursework entry.

How Do I Apply?

Application is through SOPHAS, the centralized application service for schools and programs of Public Health.

See more information about applying to the School of Public Health

Visit the SOPHAS website to apply (Please read the information that follows before visiting the SOPHAS website.)

What Do I Need to Apply?

All applicants must submit the following within the SOPHAS application:

  • Statement of Purpose and Objectives describing the reasons for your interest in public health, your intended program of study, the University of Minnesota SPH and your career goals (1000 word limit).
  • Resume or C.V.
  • Official transcripts from each U.S. or Canadian college or university attended must be sent from that institution directly to SOPHAS. This includes a University of Minnesota transcript (if applicable). Do not send transcripts to the University of Minnesota.
  • Official GRE scores should be sent to institution code 6891 – U Minnesota Sch Pub Hlth SOPHAS.
    • Note: Some programs may accept other official test scores or may waive the GRE requirement. Check specific program pages.
  • 3 letters of recommendation from academic and/or professional references. Letters should be provided in SOPHAS. (NOTE: SOPHAS refers to letters as evaluations, which are the same as letters of recommendation). Do not have letters of recommendation/evaluations sent to the University of Minnesota.
  • For students applying to the Epidemiology Ph.D. programs You must also submit a statement of research interests (max 3500 characters*) in the program specific questions section of the SOPHAS application. The statement of research interest is intended for you to demonstrate a strong interest in a specific area. It is where you should describe, in some detail, the specific content area in which you propose to focus in your doctoral work, why this area is of interest to you, and possible research questions and/or methods you may wish to explore. It is not intended to be so detailed as to include hypotheses, measures or data analysis methods, or citations, and will not preclude your exploring other ideas during your doctoral work. This statement is in addition to and does not replace your statement of purpose and objectives. *Note, the length has changed from previously posted information to match the application .
  • For students applying to the Environmental Health Ph.D. program You must also provide a very brief statement of your research interests (max 1,000 characters) in the University of Minnesota questions section of the SOPHAS application. Describe the specific content area, why this area is of interest to you, and possible research questions and/or methods you may wish to explore. Note: This research statement is in addition to and does not replace your statement of purpose and objectives.

Please note that some programs do require additional materials. Check with your program to be sure.

For specific information about application prerequisites, see specific program pages.

What if I am an International Student?

See additional requirements for international applicants for more information.

What Happens After I Apply?

Each degree and certificate program has its own admissions committee composed of faculty members from that area of study. The committees review applications for evidence of the applicant’s intent and purpose in studying public health, past academic performance, program-specific academic potential, professional and life experience, English fluency (where required), and other factors such as an applicant’s compatibility with faculty expertise and program directions.

When Will I Know If I Got In?

This process may take up to six weeks in the peak application season of December/January. At other times, committees may make admission decisions more quickly. All applicants are notified of the committee’s decision via email and/or letter.

Who Do I Contact With Questions?

Contact the Student Services Center at any time with questions at or 612-626-3500. Toll-free at 800-774-8636.