Curriculum Information – Applied Biostatistics Certificate 

Required Courses (total 15 required credits)

  • PubH 6450 (4 credits) – Biostatistics I (offered online or in-person)
  • PubH 6451 (4 credits) – Biostatistics II (offered online or in-person)
  • PubH 6320 (3 credits) – Fundamentals of Epidemiology (offered online or in-person)
  • PubH 7415 (3 credits) – Introduction to Clinical Trials (offered online only)
  • PubH 6431 (1 credit) – Topics in Hierarchical Bayesian Analysis (offered in-person only) OR
    PubH 6432 (1 credit) – Biostatistical Methods in Translational and Clinical Research (offered in-person only)

Similar to the role of PubH 7415 (Introduction to Clinical Trials), the last two courses (PubH 6431 and 6432) are intended as culminating courses that pull together much of the earlier curriculum in the context of real data settings of biomedical interest. As such, they should be taken near the end of the student’s program, and certainly after the basic biostatistical methods sequence (PubH 6450-51). PubH 6431 (even years) and PubH 6432 (odd years) are offered during a single week at the Public Health Institute.

However, if the student has sufficient relevant field experience, these courses may be taken earlier.

Sample Schedule (students may start any term)

Year One

PubH 6450 Biostatistics I, 4 cr

PubH 6451 Biostatistics II, 4 cr

Year Two

PubH 7415 Introduction to Clinical Trials, 3 cr

PubH 6320 Fundamentals of Epidemiology, 3 cr

May session – Public Health Institute
PubH 6431 Topics in Hierarchical Bayesian Analysis, 1 cr
PubH 6432 Biostatistical Methods in Translational and Clinical Research, 1 cr

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