You will be trained in maternal and child health content (i.e., the health and behaviors of vulnerable populations, women, children, youth, and families, Title V) and learn skills in public health assessment, program development, and policy formation, with an emphasis on health disparities, health inequity, life course theory, and leadership development.

This 42-credit online program is designed for students who either have an advanced degree (e.g., MD, MS, MSW, MEd) OR who have at least three years of professional experience in maternal and child health or public health.

The MPH in MCH requires that you take courses in the following competency areas:

  • Public Health Core (15 credits) – Required courses include Epidemiology, Biostatistics, Environmental Health, Public Health Management, Fundamentals of Social and Behavioral Science, and Ethics.
  • Scientific Basis of maternal and child health (6 credit minimum) – Students choose from courses in Global Reproductive Health, Women’s Health, Reproductive and Perinatal Health, Adolescent Health, Maternal and Infant Nutrition, Children with Special Health Care Needs, Children’s Health, and Immigrant Health.
  • Methodologic and Analytical Skills (5 credit minimum) – Students choose from courses in program evaluation, data analysis, needs assessment, and research methods.
  • Management, Communication, Policy/Advocacy Skills (4 credits credit minimum) – Required courses include Principles and Programs in maternal and child health and Grant Writing, with elective courses in areas like leadership development, culturally responsive public health, continuous quality improvement, and principles of public health.
  • Application of MPH Knowledge and Skills (4 credits) – A two-credit Applied Practice experience and a one- to two-credit final project are required.
  • Elective courses in public health and related fields may be taken to complete the credits required for the MPH.
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