MHA/MBA Dual Degree

The MHA/MBA dual degree is designed for students who wish to earn an MBA degree as well as an MHA degree. It is a partnership between the MHA program and the MBA program at the Carlson School of Management. Students apply to each program separately and must be admitted to both programs.

Typically, a student completes the dual program in three academic years, upon completion of the required 100 credits. The dual degree option prepares students for management careers in the biomedical, pharmaceutical, and medical device industries.

To be considered for the MHA/MBA Dual Degree applicants must apply to both the full-time MHA and the full-time MBA programs. The application deadline for the MHA program is May 1 with MHA studies to begin in the following fall. Deadline for application to the MBA program is Feb. 1 for those who wish to secure an admission decision to both programs prior to beginning their studies at the university.

Planning and implementing your MHA/MBA program

Once you have been formally accepted into both programs, you should work with the coordinator from each individual program to plan out your courses. You may use 12 credits of transfer work toward each program.

For the 12 credits transferred from the MHA program to the MBA Program you must use:

  • Health and Health Systems (3 credits)
  • Healthcare Finance I (3 credits)
  • Healthcare Finance II (3 credits)
  • Private Purchasers of Health Care (2 credits), and
  • Health Care Delivery Design and Innovation (2 credits)

For the 12 transfer credits of MBA coursework toward the MHA degree you must use:

  • MBA 6210 Marketing (3 credits)
  • MBA 6220 Operations (3 credits)
  • MBA 6230 Finance (3 credits), and
  • MBA 6300 Strategic Management (3 credits)

In planning your program of study, please note that:

  • You must register and pay for three semesters and one summer session as an MHA student.
  • You must register and pay for three semesters as a full-time MBA student.
  • You must have a minimum of 53 credits of MBA or CSOM designated coursework and 48 credits of MHA designated coursework.
  • You must submit two separate Application for Degree forms, one for each degree to be awarded.

MHA Degree
48 credits of MHA courses
12 credits of MBA courses
60 credits total toward MHA degree

MBA Degree
53 credits of MBA courses
12 credits of MHA courses
65 credits total toward MBA degree

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