Public Health Dentistry is one of the nine dental specialty areas recognized by the American Dental Association. It is a dental practice that serves the community as a patient rather than the individual patient. It is a dental practice that educates, prevents and control dental diseases on a community basis.

Population science is an increasingly valued area of expertise in many health and human service organizations. This program gives you the credentials to work at the interface of human health and the community, increasing your understanding of population-based science and the cultural and environmental factors that affect patients.

Population-based solutions are especially coming to the forefront during this time of great health care reform movement.

Many dental students have a strong interest in international health and becoming future educators.  Additionally, there is a growing sense that addressing population health through Accountable Care Organizations will present opportunities for dentists with public health training.

After earning a DDS and a MPH from the University of Minnesota you will be eligible for residency and certification by the American Board of Dental Public Health.

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