Curriculum Information – DNP/MPH (PDF)

The MPH portion of the dual degree is 42 credits and the School of Public Health allows you to transfer up to 14 credits from your DNP curriculum to the MPH, with approval. The remaining 28 credits are taken as a public health student from the School of Public Health.

As a DNP/MPH, you will create and implement evidenced-based interventions to provide quality care that improves the health and well-being of individuals, families, communities, and populations. You will learn how to effectively address public health policy problems and influence policy-makers to make change at all levels.

Students may complete the majority of the MPH program taking the required courses online and completing the required applied practice and integrated learning experiences from their location.  Students are encouraged to take electives in person at the Public Health Institute, which is offered for 3 weeks (last week in May and two weeks in June.)   Many electives are also offered online and in person during the academic year.

PHP and MPH FDT Competencies (PDF)

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