Graduate Minor in American Indian Health and Wellness

The American Indian Public Health and Wellness Minor program is designed to provide a succinct body of knowledge which is necessary to provide a specific focus that targets the unique, highly complex realm of the current 574 Federally Recognized Tribes, 74 State recognized Tribes, and 35 federally funded Urban Indian environments for public health and wellness educational opportunities. The courses stress an understanding that each Tribe or American Indian community has their own unique governmental structure and culture.

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Central to this area of study is an appreciation to understand the unique governmental relationship based on how the federal government relates to Tribal nations as distinct sovereign political entities, not as a racial classification. This trust responsibility is a government to government relationship, recognized and legally justified in the Constitution, numerous Public Laws, and Presidential Executive Orders.

Increasing the knowledge of health professionals and increasing a culturally prepared workforce in the U.S. is the aim of this Minor. The unique knowledge about American Indian health care and services also offers opportunities for students from other countries to learn about this isolated public health model. This knowledge includes understanding the legal responsibility of the United States to provide health care and services to American Indians using a historical holistic approach encompassing the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being of individuals, families and communities utilized before forced assimilation was practiced.

All Courses are designed to be inclusive of all Students from all races, ethnicities, cultures, and experiences. Everyone is welcome to attend this course. While the focus is on American Indians, there are advantages to learning accurate history, other health models, innovative health services, and the importance of using a holistic approach of health and wellness for all populations.

This minor is designed to help students understand how to work respectfully and effectively with Tribes and American Indian communities, to understand the basis of health services and implications of specific tribal (local and federal) law to help improve the devastating health issues currently experienced by American Indians.

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