Graduate Minor in American Indian Health and Wellness

This minor is designed to help students understand how to work respectfully and effectively with Tribes and American Indian communities, to understand the basis of health services and implications of specific tribal (local and federal) law to help improve the devastating health issues currently experienced by American Indians.

Declaring a Minor

The process to declare a minor is based on specific criteria.
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The minor is 6 credits for master’s students and 12 credits for doctoral students.

Students who have declared the AIPHW minor for their master’s degree are required to take the following 6 credits:

  • PubH 6241 American Indian Health Policy, Law, and Health Services Administration (2 cr)
  • PubH 6242 Cultural Humility with American Indian Populations (2 cr)
  • PubH 6243 American Indian Research, Evaluation and Collaborations (2 cr)

Doctoral students will select electives in consultation with advisor and Director of Graduate Studies (Linda Frizzell, to complete the 12 credit minimum.

  • AMIN 5107 The Structure of Anishinaabemowin, the Ojibwe Language (3 cr)
  • AMIN 5141 American Indian Language Planning (3 cr)
  • AMIN 5202 Indigenous Peoples and Issues Before the United States Supreme Court (3 cr)
  • AMIN 5402 American Indians and the Cinema (3 cr)
  • AMIN 5412 Comparative Indigenous Feminisms (3 cr)
  • AMIN 5890 Readings in American Indian and Indigenous History (3 cr)
  • AMIN 8910 Topics in American Indian and Indigenous Studies (1-3 cr)
  • CI 8645 Indigenous Language Revitalization and Activist Research Methods (3 cr)
  • CSPH 5212 Peace Building through Mindfulness, Transformative Dialogue in the Global Community (3 cr)
  • DAKO 5126 Advanced Dakota Language I (3 cr)
  • DAKO 5129 Advanced Dakota Language II (3 cr)
  • LAW 6236 Indian Law (3 cr)
  • LING 5900 Topics in Linguistics (1-4 cr)
  • OJIB 5106 Advanced Ojibew Language I (3 cr)
  • OJIB 5109 Advanced Ojibwe Language II (3 cr)
  • OJIB 5202 Ojibwe Mastery II (3 cr)

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