Graduate Minor in Health Equity

The Health Equity Minor is a graduate minor that allows students to specialize in studying health disparities and inequalities. A firm understanding of the structural factors that cause health inequalities will help prepare students to enter the professional world of public health as an effective advocate.

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Declaring a Minor

The process to declare a minor is based on specific criteria.
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Learning Objectives

  1. Learn about the extent and nature of health inequities, and methods for documenting
  2. Analyze the roots of health inequities in our cultural histories and the process by which these gaps are generated and perpetuated
  3. Understand the roles of our system of government, healthcare, and public health in generating equity
  4. Explore potential practice and policy solutions for fostering health equity, examining both intended and unintended consequences
  5. Recognize the unique strengths and integral role of cultural communities and social groups in defining the health problems they experience and directing the solutions.


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Carrie Henning-Smith

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