The Executive Public Health Administration & Policy MPH program prepares students to take on the world’s most pressing public health challenges. Tuition at SPH remains one of the lowest among U.S. schools of public health.

All Executive Public Health Administration & Policy MPH students receive in-state tuition because the program is mostly online, and the University of Minnesota commits to offering online education at in-state rates.

Tuition & Fees

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Program-Specific Costs

Estimated costs for a student entering in cohort 11 (2023)


(All E-PHAP students pay in-state tuition. For Cohort 11, the cost per credit will be approximately $1,070 in the first two semesters, with an estimated tuition increase of approximately 3.5% each academic year.)

Estimated total = $44,940*
Books and Software

Approximately $750 per year

Estimated total = $1500
Academic Records Fee Estimated total = $150
School of Public Health Fee

If the student is registered for

≥ 6 credits, the fee is $220, summer $95

1-5 credits $148, summer $65

Estimated total = $953
Long-Term Disability**

Executive students are responsible for some but not all university fees; more information at OneStop

Approximately $50.82/semester

Estimated total = $203.28
On Campus Visit Fee

$210 per visit; 5 visits over 2 years

Total = $1050
Travel and Lodging There are five on-campus visits; the cost varies depending on the distance the student travels.
Estimated total cost $48,796.28 + travel and lodging

*Tuition charge is based on credits and includes estimated tuition increases. If the student transfers credits from another institution then tuition will be less.

**Most semester fees are applied only to fall and spring, not summer, semesters

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