Job Outlook

The employment prospects for graduates of the Occupational Hygiene program are strong, with excellent compensation. In a salary survey conducted by the American Industrial Hygiene Association, the average annual salary nationally for industrial hygienists with a master’s degree and less than five years of experience was about $70,000. For those with a master’s degree and 11 to 14 years of experience, the average salary was about $100,000.

What do Graduates Do?

Occupational hygiene graduates have a range of employment opportunities available to them, in Minnesota and elsewhere. Some graduates work for multinational corporations. Others work for consulting firms. Some work for local, state, or federal government agencies or the U.S. military. Employers of our alumni include Intel Corporation, Apple, the U.S. Navy, Metropolitan Council Environmental Services, Ramboll, and more.

Examples of Positions Held by Recent Graduates of the Program

3M Company
Advanced Industrial Hygienist

Worldwide Industrial Hygiene Program Manager

Intel Corporation
Corporate Safety Engineer

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