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Non-degree Seeking Students

Non-degree-seeking students who have not been admitted to a graduate-level program and are interested in taking a course in the School of Public Health have the option to take a course for graduate credit.

To enroll as a non-degree-seeking student, complete the Registration Request for Graduate Credit Form. Enrollment happens via the following process.

  1. Student completes all required fields of Part 1.
    • If the student has ever had a UMN ID number, they should list it on the form appropriately. If the student does NOT have a UMN ID and they wish to take an online public health course, their accurately completed form must be submitted by the first day of instruction in accordance with SPH policy.
  2. Student completes the following fields in Part 2, information can be found on ScheduleBuilder.
    • Course subject, number, section (ex. Arts 5001-001): Using the example below, it would be PUBH 6414-320
    • 5-digit class number: This number is unique to the course, section, and term, and can be found in the upper right of the screen in ScheduleBuilder, in this example it is 62896
    • Credits: In most cases, the number of credits is not variable, enter the number of credits for which the course is offered. In this example, the course is three credits.
    • Grade basis (A-F or S/N): Not all courses give the option, so you will want to check. As you can see, this course is offered A-F only, so the student must enter A-F
    • Permission number (if required): Students should check the Requirements section of the course entry of the courses they are interested in. If there are requirements there which they do not meet, then a permission number is required to be able to enroll. This will be the case for nearly all courses for non-degree students. In the example below, instructions are given for how to obtain a permission number. If there are no instructions, the student can contact the instructor of the section of the course.non-degree-seeking student information
  3. Students should also sign and date in Part 4, then email the form to the correct approver, which can be found in the Non-degree Graduate Registration Contacts Spreadsheet. The University Office of the Registrar will only accept forms from staff listed as contacts. Meghan Taylor and Stefanie Wiesneski are currently listed. Forms for Public Health Institute courses should go to Meghan Taylor and all other forms should go to Stefanie Wiesneski.
  4. Once received by SPH staff, they complete Part 3, and send it to
  5. Staff in the University Office of the Registrar enroll the student in the course and notify the student of their enrollment.
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