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Epidemiology PhD

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Solve grand public health challenges by analyzing trends in population health.

Epidemiologists identify factors that contribute to good population health and the risk of disease. Their work is highly applicable in the biological, clinical, environmental, behavioral, and social sciences.

A PhD from this top epidemiology graduate program allows you to examine public health trends, design and implement studies, and interpret study results for policy and program development, as well as examine and analyze significant public health problems, such as pandemics, cancer, cardiovascular disease, obesity, and lifestyle.

Advantages of the Program

  • Focus. The program provides focused training in either Social/Behavioral Epidemiology or Clinical/Biological Epidemiology, allowing you to tailor your education to your interests.
  • Connections. A long and close partnership with the Minnesota Department of Health  —one of the best health departments in the country —provides rich collaboration, professional mentorship and career opportunities. 
  • Integrated Health Sciences. The University of Minnesota’s innovative infrastructure of six health sciences schools —one of three such models in the country—gives our students the ability to learn from and work with a diverse array of health experts.
  • Support. Students have access to more than 80 faculty for mentorship and advising. Faculty are located in the School of Public Health, in other university departments, and in partner organizations such as the Minnesota Department of Health.

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