Our PhD Students

More than 40 students are currently enrolled in the HSRP&A PhD program, including those in the market for employment.

Current Job Candidates

Student Area of Emphasis Research Interests Advisor(s)
Weaver, Leslie Health Policy

Current PhD Students

Student Area of Emphasis
Abdi, Hamdi Health Policy
Akosionu, Odichinma Health Economics
Bailey, Dionne Multidisciplinary Social Sciences
Boese, Tyler Rodney Health Economics
Bucy, Taylor Health Policy
Campbell, James (Jimmy) Health Economics
Chang, Jessica Health Economics
Dahal, Roshani Clinical Outcomes Research
Ford, CeRon Health Policy
Hassan, Asha Sociology of Health and Illness
Interrante, Julia Dawn Health Policy
Kenyon, Cynthia Lyle Multidisciplinary Social Sciences
Kissell, Paul Sociology of Health and Illness
Knowlton, Greg Decision Science
Kristensen-Cabrera, Alexandria Health Policy
Leininger, Brent Decision Sciences
Levin, Zachary Health Economics
Li, Zongbo Decision Sciences
McGlave, Claire Health Economics
Mentzer, Kari McClure Health Policy
Mulcahy, John Health Policy
Munger, Meghan E Clinical Outcomes Research
Ng, Weiwen Clinical Outcomes Research
Nickel, Amanda Jo Clinical Outcomes Research
Pando, Cynthia Sociology of Health and Illness
Sarkin, Courtney Sociology of Health and Illness
Saunders, Jennifer Beth Health Policy
Shearer, Riley Clinical Research Outcomes
Shermeyer, Andrew Health Economics
Stabler, Henry Clinical Outcomes Research
Swanson, Kristi Marie Clinical Outcomes Research
Tait, Margaret Health Policy
Usset, Timothy J Clinical Outcomes Research
Watts, Libby Health Economics
Wheatley, Margo Marie Health Decision Sciences
Yam, Hawking Health Policy
Zhou, Jiani Health Economics

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