Competencies & Products

Students are to demonstrate the application and practice of at least 5 competencies: 3 of them being Foundational and 2 of them being program-specific (if required by the program) or foundational, by creating at least 2 products that reflect the competencies and benefit the site of practice.

Products are tangible materials, tools, resources or results created by the students. For example, a questionnaire for a survey, an educational video, or a written description of a data analysis. The products need to be provided to their site/preceptors and also, submitted to their program. In combination of the products and preceptor’s evaluation, academic advisors are able to provide the final grade for the students.

How do preceptors know if their site/organization has eligible competencies and products?

Competencies: please review the list of Applied Practice Competencies – Foundational and Program-Specific (PDF) and identify the most appropriate the students would be able to practice at your site/organization, given the nature of the project(s).

Products: think about what product(s) would benefit your site and/or population your organization serves, that will reflect the practice of the competencies and is realistic for students to create.

Review the Applied Practice Eligible Products List (PDF).

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