About CSI

About CSI

We are an MHA program-specific, student-driven service organization committed to civic engagement through volunteer work at community agencies throughout the Minneapolis-St. Paul area. Our goal is to help cultivate and refine the skills necessary to exhibit compassionate leadership for future leaders within the healthcare industry.

Our Mission

To impact the lives of Minneapolis/St. Paul residents in-need through community service events and education, while also engaging current Master of Healthcare Administration students, faculty, staff, and alumni in activities that will aid in their development as compassionate leaders.

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What We Do

Our primary objective is to organize monthly activities with local organizations to positively impact the lives of Minneapolis/Saint Paul residents who are in need. Students, faculty, and staff within the MHA program are eligible to participate in all events. In addition, the Community Stewardship Initiative educates students, faculty and staff within the MHA program of current societal issues that impact health.

In the University Community

While the MHA Community Stewardship Initiative is designed to cultivate the skills and traits associated with being a compassionate leader within the healthcare industry, we recognize that, in the real world, the business of healthcare does not exist within a vacuum. Therefore, we look forward to aggressively undertaking the process of developing group-to-group relationships across the University in order to promote effective collaboration towards service-oriented events, as well as to expand the number of lives that we can, collectively, impact throughout the Twin Cities community.

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