Teddy Nam

Teddy Nam

Environmental Health PhD

"I see public health as an act of service which marries together wisdom from ‘the lived experience’ with validated methods in order to solve complex problems with our communities.

What I love about public health is that we are called to be storytellers, where our influence comes from the different ways we give life to the datasets and numbers.

My vision is to rethink the way we conduct public health by shifting this notion of public health ‘professionals’ to public health ‘designers.’ The world that we live in demands that we take a different approach to the way we define health and how we promote it. The problems that we face as a community are continuing to grow exponentially. Not only do we need innovative solutions to some of the most complex problems we’ve ever faced, we need them now.

‘If not you, then who?’ This one quote summarizes my values and beliefs in why public health matters to me. It starts with me. By taking action, I hope to inspire action in others.”

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