Healthcare delivery organizations are currently facing major challenges related to recruitment and retention of talent. This panel session will begin with a high-level overview of the issue and then engage organizational leaders around the short- and longer-run challenges and opportunities related to workforce and talent management.  Potential topics include best practices and key learnings from organizations as they navigate staffing shortages; work policies related to remote work and the potential to recruit nationally vs. locally; how virtual care growth may influence workforce needs.



Janiece Gray, MHA, CPXP, BSW, ACC

Founder, Executive, Life & Leadership Coach with JGray & Associates, LLC

Janiece Gray, MHA, CPXP, BSW, ACC, is a speaker, consultant, and coach and has spent her entire career in healthcare.

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She is the Founder, Executive, Life & Leadership Coach with JGray & Associates, LLC, and a co-founder of DTA Associates Inc., a healthcare consulting firm in Minneapolis.

Janiece is also the author of Beyond CAHPS: A Guide for  Achieving Patient and Family-Centered Care. Janiece also recently published a new gratitude journal entitled  With Gratitude.

A Certified Strengths Coach, Janiece brings this approach to all of her work with individuals and groups, seeking to help them understand where they are already strong and where they can seek to grow.

While healthcare is her sweet spot, she collaborates with leaders at any point in their career journey and regardless of their industry. A natural teacher, she asks good questions to help her clients find the answers within themselves.

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